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ADNS Attestation Mark could be read by smart phones for conscious customers. ADNS Attestation Mark is a pathfinder for the conscious customers. The articles having their Attestation Mark are genuine products and they are license protected. You should go for the ADNS Attestation Mark if you prefer articles from controlled sources, if you value that all the producers investing their knowledge and energy in the goods should get their fair remuneration and if you would like to help the sustainability of these resources of production.

The Attestation Mark app can be downloaded for free from the warehouse of your smart phone one can check anywhere, anytime the origin of goods by using their ADNS Attestation Mark. A QR code reader is integrated in the app and following the reading the unique ADNS code it is using the central ADNS database to provide you with the corresponding data. Invalid codes will generate an error message. Otherwise you get the short description of the goods and an associated pictures to help the quick recognition. Matching information will ensure that you purchase genuine, licensed and unique product since every piece of product has different ADNS codes. If one could find two identical codes at least one of those should be fake and should be reported for the trader or to the ADNS center. The customer's feedback is an important source for us to discover counterfeit and to improve our service.

Az INTERSOFT-HUNGARY Kereskedelmi és szolgáltató Kft. az Új Magyarország Fejlesztési Terv keretein belül az alábbi projektre nyert vissza nem térítendő uniós támogatást:

Gazdaságfejlesztési Operatív Program - Vállalati Innovációtámogatása (Kódszám: GOP-1.3.1/A)
"Jogosultságot Tanúsító Adatbázis Szolgáltató Rendszer (ADNS) továbbfejlesztése, és a használhatóság feltételeinek megteremtése"

A támogatás mértéke 45%, a támogatás összege
131.998.991 Ft

A projekt időtartama:
2010.03.01 - 2011.08.31.